Every year, more than 100,000 people head to Mystery Creek for Fieldays®, the largest agricultural event in the Southern Hemisphere. Having exhibited at Fieldays® for the past 6 years, the Container Space crew is excited to be attending again this year and anticipate greeting even bigger crowds this time round. 

Container Space Director Nick Walker describes the Fieldays® experience as phenomenal. “Last year marked my inaugural venture into Fieldays® and the experience was exhilarating. The event provided us with an extraordinary platform to showcase our business to a diverse cross-section of New Zealand’s economy – rural and urban, young and old.” 

What makes Fieldays® an event like no other?

Nick believes what makes Fieldays® special is that it’s a good reflection of what’s going on in the New Zealand economy. It’s also an opportunity to focus on all the many positive things happening around the country. “What gets us excited about Fieldays® is that it’s a melting pot of innovation and tradition. And it all happens within an environment that encourages people to come together to exchange brilliant ideas.”

As a business that puts people at the heart of what they do, Nick says the Container Space crew are looking forward to having the opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces, forge new partnerships, and immerse themselves in New Zealand’s vibrant economic landscape. “It’s going to be an epic few days of fun! It’s just so awesome to be reminded of what makes up a huge part of NZ’s economy.”

Come see us at site C22

Having secured the exact same spot as last year’s event – site C22 – the crew are in great company with neighbouring businesses Tough Shelters and Container Shelters, both who use shipping containers to help craft durable weatherproof workspace solutions.

This year’s Fieldays® is on at Mystery Creek from June 12-15, and you can get your tickets here.

At Container Space, we’re passionate about crafting dynamic spacemaking and storage solutions from shipping containers that empower people to thrive in any environment. From workshops, offices, and retail spaces to specialist on-farm storage, and more, our solutions are designed to meet your needs.

Whether you’re seeking innovative spacemaking solutions or are simply looking to immerse yourself in the dynamic atmosphere of Fieldays®, come say kia ora to the Container Space crew, and be in to win 1 of 5 cash prizes. You’ll find us at site C22. See you there!

A message from Container Space Director, Nick Walker

Kia ora Container Space customers,

We’ve been rattled by the news that some low life scammers are using our name to try and rip off hardworking Kiwis.
If you come across a company called Containers Port, please steer clear. They are using our company name and details to try and trick customers into purchasing fake shipping containers.

After seeing their Facebook advertisements, a customer almost fell victim to their scam, until they decided to do their homework by calling our 0800 number. And boy, are we pleased they did. This matter has been reported to Kiwibank, Meta and the NZ police.

We’ve been in the shipping container game for a long time now, and we know who’s who. If you want peace of mind that you’re buying from a trusted shipping container supplier, you’re always welcome to check with us. Of course, we’d love you just to do business with us, but we respect your right to shop around and do your research. So, if you’re considering buying or hiring a shipping container, to protect yourself, consider choosing a company that’s been around for a while and has a proven track record of delivery.

Companies like Containerco, Royalwolf, A1containers, TITANContainers, and SEAContainers, are all good options.

We know that if we all work together, we can help stamp out these lowlifes and get on with doing what we do well – delivering good quality shipping containers to New Zealanders.

If something doesn’t add up and you want someone to check it out, please call us on 0800 080 170 or email info@containerspace.co.nz. We’re always happy to help.

Ngā mihi,


Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Here’s our top tips about how you can keep yourself safe from shipping container scammers like Container Port:

  1. Do your research
    Before you click that tempting ad, do your homework. Google the company, check their website, and check out their customer reviews. Check their address, website domain and contact numbers all add up. Be wary of suppliers who use email addresses that aren’t consistent with their website domain i.e. Gmail, Hotmail or other non-business addresses. Send an email to their business address to verify it’s them. Call their 0800 number. And if you need to, ask them for their NZBN or company number. If they’re a registered company, you’ll be able to find them with a quick search on the NZ Companies Office Register website. If something smells fishy, swim away!

2. Watch out for red flags
Is the deal too good to be true? Are they asking for payment upfront without any guarantees? Trust your gut instincts and don’t let the promise of a bargain cloud your judgment.

3. Turn to a trusted shipping container provider
Stick to reputable suppliers like Container Space, who have a proven track record of delivering quality containers and excellent customer service. We’ve been helping Kiwis navigate their storage challenges for years, and we’re not about to let some scammers ruin our solid reputation. If you want to know who else you can get a quote from, just ask us. We pride ourselves on giving our customers straight-up, honest advice.

4. Report suspicious activity
If you suspect a scam, don’t keep it to yourself. Report the shady ads to Facebook, warn your bank and inform the police. You can also log a report on the Netsafe website. Together, we can make the digital space a safer place for everyone.

5.Turn to a trusted shipping container provider
Stick to reputable suppliers like Container Space, who have a proven track record of delivering quality containers and excellent customer service. We’ve been helping Kiwis navigate their storage challenges for years, and we’re not about to let some scammers ruin our solid reputation. If you want to know who else you can get a quote from, just ask us. We pride ourselves on giving our customers straight-up, honest advice.

6. Report suspicious activity
If you suspect a scam, don’t keep it to yourself. Report the shady ads to Facebook, warn your bank and inform the police. You can also log a report on the Netsafe website. Together, we can make the digital space a safer place for everyone.

    Need a spacemaking partner you can trust?

    If you’re looking for a shipping container supplier you can trust, get in touch with our team. We’ve been spacemaking for hardworking New Zealanders since 2018 and have a proven track record of delivering what you need, where you need it. We’d love to help you out.

    When the leaders and ākonga at Te Manawa ō Pāpāmoa School needed storage space to house their gardening equipment, the team at Container Space jumped in to help by providing a shipping container gardening shed.

    The incredible garden is part of PiPS – People, Plants, Schools – a charitable programme in the Bay of Plenty, that enables tamariki at participating schools to create a bountiful garden.

    With a proud history of supporting community initiatives, Container Space Managing Director, Nick Walker says getting behind the community by helping out, was a complete no-brainer.

    “The PiPS programme is such a choice initiative,” Says Nick. “So when Shane (Cunliffe), Te Manawa ō Pāpāmoa School’s Principal, came asking for help, we saw this as a really positive way for Container Space to give back to the community.”

    “We believe the work PiPS and the school are doing will benefit children, their families, and the wider community for years to come,” Nick explains, “Giving them a secure and dry space to store their gardening equipment, is our way of saying that we’re loving what this team is doing here, and we’re behind them all the way.”

    See how Te Manawa ō Pāpāmoa School is putting their new shipping container gardening shed to use

    Learn how PiPS is helping tamariki to grow their own kai

    Ki te mea ka taka te kākano ki te wāhi e tika ana ka tinaku, ā, ka pihi ake he tipu hou.
    If a seed falls in the right place it will germinate and a new seedling will sprout.

    PiPS was formed in 2016 by a group of school parents in the Pāpāmoa Beach/Mt Maunganui area of Aotearoa New Zealand, who are passionate about demonstrating, to our children and their families, the principles of kaitiakitanga: respect and care for the environment and an understanding of how to grow food.

    To learn more about the mahi PiPS do, visit their website.

    Need space for your community project?

    If you’re looking for practical and affordable storage solutions for your community, get in touch with our spacemakers, and we’ll make it happen.

    Realising how versatile, cost-effective, and durable shipping containers are, more Container Space customers are asking for bespoke shipping container workshops, specified and designed to meet their specific business needs. Rising to meet this challenge, Container Space is investing in building a huge, weatherproof shipping container workshop, enabling their team to craft even more custom business solutions for customers across Aotearoa.

    Container Space Managing Director, Nick Walker says the new development is a commitment to helping businesses get the versatile space they need, faster and more cost effectively.

    “Creating this workshop space is a game-changer,” explains Nick. “Because it’s laid out and created exactly how our team needs it, we’ll be able to lift our productivity and increase our throughput.”

    Getting more value for customers

    Nick said the benefits will be directly passed on to customers. “Not only will our customers get the high-quality spacemaking solutions they need faster, but we’ll also be able to minimise costs and pass on the savings.”

    Another benefit is that this solution is futureproof. The beauty of a shipping container workshop is that if it ever needs to move, Container Space can simply pull down the whole setup, relocate, and refit it.

    Partnering with great mates to do it right

    To make the shipping container workshop weatherproof, Container Space teamed up with their original business founders Wayne and Beth Potter, who recently launched Tough Shelters.

    “When this opportunity came up, we wanted Wayne and Beth to be part of it,” Nick said. “Using their extensive industry knowledge, Tough Shelters features a clever solution that securely ties their shelters to shipping containers, ensuring they withstand all weather. It’s a fantastic and durable shelter solution that will stand the test of time.”

    The new workshop consists of two 40” shipping containers on the sides, and a 40” plus 20” shipping container across the back. The tough shelter is 14.2m wide, 12 meters deep, and features an apex stud height of 7.6 meters. This generous space will mean the Container Space team can work on creating 3 custom shipping container designs at any time.

    To ensure the tough shelter stays fixed to the ground, the Container Space team partnered with Stopdigging – another locally owned business that specialise in using screw foundations. Using Stopdigging’s screw piles under the shipping containers has created a solid fixing point that delivers twice the tie-down required to keep the containers and shelter from moving. This eliminates the need for weights to be placed inside the container and means the entire space inside can be fully utilised.

    Work is progressing rapidly. With the external structure completed in just 3 days (thanks to the Tough Shelter team), the interior container workshop fitout will be fully operational in 3 weeks.

    “We’re really putting our money where our mouth is on this one,” says Nick. Our hope in creating this space is that we can show other businesses how easily shipping containers can be transformed into the exact space they need.”

    If you’re looking to create a bespoke workshop, or if you’d like to come and check out this one, get in touch with our spacemakers, and we’ll show you all the possibilities.

    One of our most popular storage solutions, is the humble yet mighty 20-foot shipping container. These versatile and durable spacemakers are now finding new life in various situations, from homes to construction sites, agriculture and retail businesses and beyond. Before you dive headfirst into purchasing or hiring a shipping container, it’s essential to ask the right questions to ensure you’re making the best decision for your needs.

    A new black 20-foot shipping container is being craned into a tight space for a customer in New Zealand.

    We talked to our team of spacemakers, who reckon these are the key questions to consider before signing on the dotted line:

    There’s a lot to weigh up when thinking about purchasing or hiring a 20-foot shipping container. Whether you’re embarking on a construction project, expanding your business, or exploring ways to create a bit more space at home, the right shipping container can be a game-changer in achieving your goals. And that’s where we come in. Our team of spacemakers will answer all your burning questions and do the heavy lifting for you. Get in touch with our team and we’ll make sure you get the shipping container you need, without any unwanted surprises.

    Call 0800 MAKE SPACE or send us a message about how we can help.

    In the bustling world of agribusiness and rural lifestyle, space is not just a concept but a critical asset. At the core of this spatial revolution is Container Space, a company that has been selling and leasing shipping containers since 2018 and now also converts the humble shipping container into custom spaces for rural enterprises and homesteads.

    Exhibiting at the Central District Field Days 2024, this 100% Kiwi-owned and operated business is set to showcase why they’re the champions of space-making in New Zealand.

    At the heart of Container Space’s philosophy is an eagerness to connect with the community and understand their needs.

    Container Space Director Nick Walker, says of the Central District Field Days 2024, “It’s events like these that truly energise us. There’s nothing quite like meeting our customers face-to-face, hearing their stories, and witnessing first-hand the impact our solutions have on their lives.”

    Nick continues, “Central District Field Days is not just a platform for showcasing our work, but a melting pot of ideas, feedback, and grassroots innovation that’s vital for us.”

    Unveiling new custom shipping container innovations

    This year’s Central District Field Days marks a significant milestone for Container Space as they unveil their latest product tailored for the rural customer – the Chemtainer™. Designed with the New Zealand farmer and grower in mind, the Chemtainer™ comes in either 10″ or 20″, promising a bunded liquid storage capacity of 1350L or 2700L to safely tuck away chemical hazards. They’re ventilated, rodent-proof, lockable, and represent the epitome of rural resilience and innovation.

    For the multitaskers of the countryside, the Combotainer™ offers the best of both worlds – half dedicated to chemical or general storage, and the other half to general storage space, striking a perfect balance. Meanwhile, those looking to extend their homestead gracefully will find a friend in the Customtainer™, Container Space’s living or workspace solution that meets the need for comfort without the hassle of consents.

    These containers are rigorously vetted for quality, weather tightness, and security, ensuring what you take home is built to stand the test of time and conditions. Customers revel in the flexibility of crafting custom shipping container spaces, and can bring their own designs and finishes to life.

    “What sets Container Space apart in the rural community goes beyond our products. It’s about our company’s heart and ethos. We excel in overcoming space-related challenges for our clients, delivering solutions that help our customers to live their best lives. Our team, defined by a rough-and-ready attitude, is dedicated to ensuring our customers find the beauty in every space-making adventure,” says Director Nick Walker.

    If you’re looking for innovative spacemaking solutions, give our spacemakers a call on 0800 MAKE SPACE or get in touch. We’ll get you sorted, fast.

    Article source: Stuff, March 2024