Mates band together to build weatherproof shipping container workshop

Realising how versatile, cost-effective, and durable shipping containers are, more Container Space customers are asking for bespoke shipping container workshops, specified and designed to meet their specific business needs. Rising to meet this challenge, Container Space is investing in building a huge, weatherproof shipping container workshop, enabling their team to craft even more custom business solutions for customers across Aotearoa.

Container Space Managing Director, Nick Walker says the new development is a commitment to helping businesses get the versatile space they need, faster and more cost effectively.

“Creating this workshop space is a game-changer,” explains Nick. “Because it’s laid out and created exactly how our team needs it, we’ll be able to lift our productivity and increase our throughput.”

Getting more value for customers

Nick said the benefits will be directly passed on to customers. “Not only will our customers get the high-quality spacemaking solutions they need faster, but we’ll also be able to minimise costs and pass on the savings.”

Another benefit is that this solution is futureproof. The beauty of a shipping container workshop is that if it ever needs to move, Container Space can simply pull down the whole setup, relocate, and refit it.

Partnering with great mates to do it right

To make the shipping container workshop weatherproof, Container Space teamed up with their original business founders Wayne and Beth Potter, who recently launched Tough Shelters.

“When this opportunity came up, we wanted Wayne and Beth to be part of it,” Nick said. “Using their extensive industry knowledge, Tough Shelters features a clever solution that securely ties their shelters to shipping containers, ensuring they withstand all weather. It’s a fantastic and durable shelter solution that will stand the test of time.”

The new workshop consists of two 40” shipping containers on the sides, and a 40” plus 20” shipping container across the back. The tough shelter is 14.2m wide, 12 meters deep, and features an apex stud height of 7.6 meters. This generous space will mean the Container Space team can work on creating 3 custom shipping container designs at any time.

To ensure the tough shelter stays fixed to the ground, the Container Space team partnered with Stopdigging – another locally owned business that specialise in using screw foundations. Using Stopdigging’s screw piles under the shipping containers has created a solid fixing point that delivers twice the tie-down required to keep the containers and shelter from moving. This eliminates the need for weights to be placed inside the container and means the entire space inside can be fully utilised.

Work is progressing rapidly. With the external structure completed in just 3 days (thanks to the Tough Shelter team), the interior container workshop fitout will be fully operational in 3 weeks.

“We’re really putting our money where our mouth is on this one,” says Nick. Our hope in creating this space is that we can show other businesses how easily shipping containers can be transformed into the exact space they need.”

If you’re looking to create a bespoke workshop, or if you’d like to come and check out this one, get in touch with our spacemakers, and we’ll show you all the possibilities.

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