Crafting customer spaces for the heartland

In the bustling world of agribusiness and rural lifestyle, space is not just a concept but a critical asset. At the core of this spatial revolution is Container Space, a company that has been selling and leasing shipping containers since 2018 and now also converts the humble shipping container into custom spaces for rural enterprises and homesteads.

Exhibiting at the Central District Field Days 2024, this 100% Kiwi-owned and operated business is set to showcase why they’re the champions of space-making in New Zealand.

At the heart of Container Space’s philosophy is an eagerness to connect with the community and understand their needs.

Container Space Director Nick Walker, says of the Central District Field Days 2024, “It’s events like these that truly energise us. There’s nothing quite like meeting our customers face-to-face, hearing their stories, and witnessing first-hand the impact our solutions have on their lives.”

Nick continues, “Central District Field Days is not just a platform for showcasing our work, but a melting pot of ideas, feedback, and grassroots innovation that’s vital for us.”

Unveiling new custom shipping container innovations

This year’s Central District Field Days marks a significant milestone for Container Space as they unveil their latest product tailored for the rural customer – the Chemtainer™. Designed with the New Zealand farmer and grower in mind, the Chemtainer™ comes in either 10″ or 20″, promising a bunded liquid storage capacity of 1350L or 2700L to safely tuck away chemical hazards. They’re ventilated, rodent-proof, lockable, and represent the epitome of rural resilience and innovation.

For the multitaskers of the countryside, the Combotainer™ offers the best of both worlds – half dedicated to chemical or general storage, and the other half to general storage space, striking a perfect balance. Meanwhile, those looking to extend their homestead gracefully will find a friend in the Customtainer™, Container Space’s living or workspace solution that meets the need for comfort without the hassle of consents.

These containers are rigorously vetted for quality, weather tightness, and security, ensuring what you take home is built to stand the test of time and conditions. Customers revel in the flexibility of crafting custom shipping container spaces, and can bring their own designs and finishes to life.

“What sets Container Space apart in the rural community goes beyond our products. It’s about our company’s heart and ethos. We excel in overcoming space-related challenges for our clients, delivering solutions that help our customers to live their best lives. Our team, defined by a rough-and-ready attitude, is dedicated to ensuring our customers find the beauty in every space-making adventure,” says Director Nick Walker.

If you’re looking for innovative spacemaking solutions, give our spacemakers a call on 0800 MAKE SPACE or get in touch. We’ll get you sorted, fast.

Article source: Stuff, March 2024

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